Multimedia content

Responsive Websites and presentation optimized for computers and mobiles. Augmented Reality for web, for mobile (Androids, Iphone, Symbian) and for offline fruition (stands, presentations, conventions). Html5 and CSS3 websites.


A new way to print: The 3D effect utilizes stereoscopic technology to create the illusion of distance between multiple rounded layers. By simulating depth and perspective, this effect brings prints to life.

Informatic Courses

Computer courses in different levels for end users We fulfil every special request on trainings that come up at the companies, institutions, even if they affect topics, schedule or duration of the course. Our classrooms are available for such trainings, but our clients can decide whether to hold the training at their own place or in our Training Centre. We take into consideration the students’ level of computer knowledge, and also pay attention to the compilation of the appropriate groups


Web applications for computer and for mobile (Androids, Iphone, Symbian)



We create addicting games, web toys, and rich multimedia solution in Flash and Html5 and we spread them through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter…)


We create impressive marketing campaigns through banners, email marketing, Google Adwords, Social Medias (Facebook, Twitter) QR codes, Bar codes, Data Matrix campaigns Taking advantage of local targeting we redirect mobile users to your brand ads and messages. We can bring your targets to a remarkable real time action, engaging with the brand and leading them to purchase.